Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dad is on the Ferris Wheel

Yes.. That's Dad. On the ToysRUs Ferris Wheel in Times Square.. I'm having fun. Posted by Picasa

Jacob - with TShirts For Sale

Another cool picture of Jacob walking with Dad in Downtown Manhattan. No snow on the ground, even though it is in February. Posted by Picasa

Jacob - In New York

The beard is starting to come in. Cool !! Posted by Picasa

Eating with Crooked Goggles

You must eat. Even if the goggles are getting all crooked. Food does come first !!! Posted by Picasa

Joshie is turning into Treasure

Joshie is turning into treasure. He's getting buried in the sand by accident.

Will somebody save him in time. Will Ezra use the shovel to get Joshie out?

Stay tuned for next week. (Or just guess....) Posted by Picasa


The entire sand town has been built.. A job well done. Posted by Picasa

Gotta Eat while Digging

That's why we have two hands. One to eat and one to dig sand castles. Posted by Picasa

Eitan is a Beach Dude

Eitan is a beach dude. With the water goggles and all. Posted by Picasa

Making a Sand Castle

Toby, Ezra and Jonah making a sand castle. Jonah has a bucket of water ready to go !! Posted by Picasa

No More Treasure

No... There's no more treasure.

Maybe we should bury this treasure and wait for somebody else to find it !! Posted by Picasa

There's the treasure

There's the treasure box.. Joshie is looking to see if there is anymore.. Posted by Picasa

Joshie Digging For Treasure

Our family went to the Raanana Beach.. Joshie is looking for treasure. He is digging a very deep hole. Posted by Picasa

Ezra having fun

He's having lots of fun in the water. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Cement Kitchen

This is the kitchen we make the cement in.. It takes a nice big pot. Posted by Picasa

Adding Cement to the Cement Soup

It take alot of cement soup to make a sidewalk. YUMMY!! Posted by Picasa

Leveling the cement

Rosie and Eitan are levelling the cement Posted by Picasa

Making a Sidewalk to Hold the Potters Wheel

We're making a sidewalk to hold the potters wheel. This potters wheel ways like a tank. It's made out of steel. It can be operated manually, so it has a stone wheel to kick and spin. Posted by Picasa

Rosie with Most of her Brothers

Rosie gets lots of love from her sibs.. They are all visting her at Basic Training. Posted by Picasa

Rosie's Gun

Feel safe.. Rosie is protecting us with her M16. She's a very good shot !! Posted by Picasa

Eitan Won't Go in Rosie's Gun Arm

Eitan is a peacenik from a young age. He refuses to go near Rosie's M16. Eitan barely agreed to have her hold him. He finally compromised. She must hold him away from the gun, and the gun must be hidden behind her. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 03, 2006

Rosie Getting Secret Orders

Rosie is getting secret orders on how to protect the State of Israel.

Well, not really. She's really talking to Savta. On her first Friday in the Army. She will be on base for Shabbat. Posted by Picasa

Rosie is Protecting Us

A picture of Rosie during her first week of Army.

She's got a gun. But no bullets.

 Posted by Picasa

Joshie on the Beach of Nitzanim

It's a cool sand dune for Joshie to run up and down. Posted by Picasa