Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Classic Picture

I couldn't resist putting this picture on the blog.. It has a classic feel. Posted by Picasa

Geodesic Dome

How did they build this thing? Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 24, 2006

A Spiritual Tent

This scultpture is full of meaning. I just don't know what it is. Do you? Posted by Picasa

All those sculptures

All those sculptures. And art. By a roving artist. Making this a playland of sorts. Posted by Picasa

The Village of Prayer

Our camp in the BambaLamba.

Also known as the Camp of Love and Prayer. Posted by Picasa

The signs and shops

Selling all kinds of things. Posted by Picasa

Making Charoset

Another Micha.. Making Charoset for the seder. We had a bunch of homemade types. All delicious. Posted by Picasa

Another View of the Maror Checkers

From left to right, Dina, Rosie, Leah and Shoshi. And of course, lots of sand. Posted by Picasa

Cooking for the Seder

Shoshi, Dina and Rosie are checking Romaine Lettuce (Maror) for bugs. For the Seder Posted by Picasa

Our Tent Site

This is our tent site. In a few days, there will be so many tents, that you won't be able to see the sand. Posted by Picasa

The Bambamella Protecting Monster

This monster is near the gate. Protecting (or is it scaring) all who are here !! Posted by Picasa

The Bamamella Town Rising in the Sand

It used to be plain sand dunes. Now, we're getting ready for 30,000 people !! Posted by Picasa

Jonah and Frankie at Nitzanim

They are very COOL DUDES !! Posted by Picasa

Nitzanim Festival - Before the crowds

The Bammamella town is starting to be built. Strange art. Teepees. Flags of all sorts and shelters too. And, of course, much sand !! Posted by Picasa

Some Flowers on Chof Nitzanim

Some flowers on Chof Nitzanim. I love how the colors and lines and textures work together. Posted by Picasa

Meditranean Beach at Nitzanim

Look at these beautiful colors. And contrasts. Chof Nitzanim Right before Passover !! Posted by Picasa

Joshie as Bob Marley

Joshie has a great Bob Marley outfit. Thank you Dina !!!

In the background, Frankie has his Bob the Builder outfit.

All the outfits are palindrome. BoB is a palindrome. So is "Race Car" - that Michael is driving. Posted by Picasa

Michael - Purim Race Car Driver

The race car is right outside. Racing to deliver Shalach Manot. The key part is the funky helmet. Posted by Picasa

The Wheat Field

The Wheat Field. A study in textures. Posted by Picasa

The Winter Garden

The winter garden. From Left to right, the rows are beets, carrots, coriander, spinach and lettuce.

The right hand side of the image is wheat, that we will give the sheep !! Posted by Picasa

Our Sheep say Hello

The sheep are very friendly. It didn't take much coaxing to get them to smile for this photo! Posted by Picasa

Joshie Posing for his Bar Mitzvah Invitation

We're making a postcard invitation.

Joshie is posing near these drums. To be at the center of the postcard. Posted by Picasa

Joshie and Raw Tfillin Parts

Joshie is learning about Tfillin. He is holding a raw "Giddim", the tendons of the cow. These tendons are made up of very thin "strings". These thin strings are used to tie the Tfillin. Posted by Picasa

Sewing the Tfillin

Ezra Hasofer is sewing the Tfillin together. Posted by Picasa

Joshie Learns About Tfillin

Ezra Hasofer teaches Joshie about the Tfillin. Together, they read the parshiot and check for mistakes.

They then insert the parshiot into the Tfillin. The Tfillin need a few final coats of paint. Posted by Picasa